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My name is Gloria Garrels. I'm a 26 year old artist from Hamburg. In 2014 I started doodling. Since then my art has developed a lot and I now specialise in tiny art, which is often very intricate and detailed.

In my art I express connection, may that be to people I love and admire, or to my feelings and my subconsciousness. Sometimes a drawing tells me something I was unaware of before and so it helps me understand what processes and feelings are happening within me.

Though small scale art suits my personality (I’ve always had a love for tiny details), it also fits my body. I’m living with a muscle dystrophy, which limits the reach of my arm greatly.

I spend most days in bed, where I also create my art, but I enjoy being outside a lot. I have a great passion for music and I love colours.

In 2018 I moved into my own flat where I live together with my team of personal care assistants.

Picture by © Lucja Romanowska

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